Baking Culinary Fun

Baking Culinary Fun

Baking Culinary Fun

Baking Culinary Fun is a sweet and entertaining cake-baking game. Three cakes are ready: one shaped like a surprise package, one like a Barbie doll, and one adorable cake shaped like a unicorn's home. 

You must select a baking option before you can begin to prepare. After that, get all the ingredients you'll need by going to the pantry. You can begin cooking as soon as you have all the necessary supplies and containers. Your ultimate outcome will depend on your ability to follow all directions and complete the tasks in the correct order. Utilize a variety of ingredients, including caramel, chocolate sauce, ice cream, fruits, candies, milk, flour, butter, eggs, and rainbow hues. Additionally, you'll get access to a variety of kitchen tools. Once your cake is prepared, it is time to design it so that its exterior will appeal to you. Have fun and be creative when baking for culinary purposes. Enjoy your gaming!

How to play

Use the mouse.

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