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Doodle Games offers the most popular endless jumping games available online. Test your reflexes and jumping skills with a range of exciting games!

Ready, Set, Jump!

Craving for some fast-paced, endless side-scrolling jumping games? In Doodle Games, we provide a wide collection of games with similar mechanics! Try to make your way up one platform after another and discover cool gadgets or power-ups as you progress. Whether you are an endless platform player or a fan of casual jumping games, we have something that will certainly suit your taste. Choose your favorite games from our Doodle Games collection and see how long you can hop up!

In addition, your progress and personal scores will be recorded, and you can always come back to hone your jumping skills. Gain that sweet feeling of satisfaction as you challenge previous high scores and reach a new height (quite literally)!

What is Doodle Games?

Doodle Games refers to a category of side-scrolling platform games in which players progress by jumping, either vertically or horizontally. There is usually no definite goal in these games; instead, players try to venture as far as possible without falling down or colliding with obstacles. The name of this category is based on an extremely popular mobile video game that was played on almost every smartphone device back in the 2010s.

To be a proficient Doodle game player, you will need good reflexes, especially eye-hand coordination, to react quickly to whatever appears on the screen. Sometimes you will have to quickly direct the character to safe platforms or avoid obstacles as you progress. Thankfully, the more you play, the better you will become at reacting to unexpected situations. Our Doodle Games collection just happens to be the perfect practice ground!

While reflexes may be important, what is actually crucial to becoming a pro player is a sense of perseverance. As long as you don’t give in, your skills will improve day by day!

Gameplay Basics

In Doodle games series, players control the movement of a character, which usually only involves jumping left and right. As the characters land on a higher platform, they continue to progress upward. The farther your characters ascend, the more difficult it will become. There will be fewer platforms to step on, and obstacles will appear more frequently. Since these games belong to the category of endless side-scrolling platformers, players only lose when their characters slip and fall or bump into obstacles. 

Doodle Games’ Popularity, Explained

The Doodle Games category stands out thanks to these important factors:

  • Fun and intuitive gameplay: It takes only seconds for new players to become familiar with the controls of Doodle Games. This is why these games are so popular among both adults and children. However, to reach better heights, you will need to hone your skills, and the gradual challenges also add to the fun.
  • No need for commitment: These games are also relatively low-risk to play, meaning that the only risk you will face is losing the game, and then you can start anew.
  • An engaging way to train your reflexes: Research has shown that playing fast-paced games like Doodle Games can enhance your eye-hand coordination, and you can make better, more accurate decisions in comparison to non-gamers.
  • A good way to relax: After a long, working day, you can count on a quick casual game to unwind. Any game from our Doodle Games collection just happens to be one of the best options for that!

Tips to Get the Best Scores

  • Try to jump into the center of the platform so that you can avoid any accidental falls.
  • Take some time to learn the maximum height your characters can jump, and use that to predict which platform they can reach. 
  • In games with gadgets or power-ups, utilize them well to jump higher and faster.
  • Whenever you get annoyed by the game, take breaks and return with a fresh mind. Every game in the Doodle Games collection is meant to be enjoyable!
  • It is easy to learn how to play these games, but it will take a bit more effort to be good at them. Don’t give up, and you will be a pro player in no time!

Explore Our Extensive Doodle Games Collection

At Doodle Games, there are a myriad of games with different characters and themes, all while keeping the core gameplay at heart. Please take your time to discover your most preferred games and test your jumping skills. If you are unsure of which game to start with, below are our favorite Doodle games:

  1. Doodle Jump
  2. Doodle Champion Island Games
  3. Doodle Cricket
  4. PAC-MAN Doodle
  5. Dinosaur Game

Happy gaming!