Capy Clicker

Capy Clicker

Capy Clicker

Capy Clicker is the finest clicking game available. Your primary goal is to gradually raise the capybara population. You have to keep clicking on the big capybara in the center of the screen in order to accomplish it.

Depending on how many capybaras you have added, other functions will become available as you raise their number. The best feature, and the one that will help your capybara-growing process the most, is the ability to add a specific quantity of capybara per click. Since these features will be of great assistance to you and you will be appreciative of them, try to unlock as many of them as you can.

Even in their natural attire, capybaras are quite the sight, but this enormous rodent merits recognition for contributing to the increase in capybara numbers. By achieving population goals and weather conditions for the ideal setting, you can unlock additional content.

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How To Play

Use the mouse.