DOP 4: Animate the picture

DOP 4: Animate the picture

DOP 4: Animate the picture

DOP 4: Animate the Picture is a fun game that stimulates your creativity and imagination! Prepare yourself for an array of captivating scenarios where a key element is absent from every image.

Open your thoughts, welcome your imagination, and start having fun. You'll face different challenges on every level, such as missing parts of the famous Eiffel Tower, a trampoline, a teddy bear's limb, hot dog condiments, and electrical cords. Seize your mouse, let your creativity run wild, and complete the pictures by drawing lines. Then, watch as they magically alter. Take part in this entertaining game that blends artistic expression with puzzle-solving. Can you complete the puzzle by speculating on the absent detail and using your imagination to bring the picture to life?

How to play

Use the mouse.

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