FNAF: Shattered Chance

FNAF: Shattered Chance

FNAF: Shattered Chance

FNAF: Shattered Chance takes you into the gaming universe. "5 Nights at Freddy's" never tires of delighting its fans with new examples of nightmare robots. This time you will get acquainted with a terrible endoskeleton, which, by its very appearance, can provide insomnia for a whole week.

Here you will go into the depths of the family restaurant "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza," which hides the nightmarish side of the animatronics. Today, players will play as Gregory. You need to help the boy outstrip the frightening endoskeleton so as not to end up inside it. This job is for a real pro, which means it’s definitely for you. Follow the arrows carefully, and try to make as few mistakes as possible. Only by defeating the iron monster can you get out of the trap. Now the hope is only for you!

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How To Play

  • Press enter - start/make a choice/pause.
  • WASD/Arrow keys - sing.
  • Esc - back.
  • -/+ - adjust volume.