Going Balls

Going Balls

Going Balls

Going Balls is a highly appealing game that provides you with a variety of fascinating experiences, with increasing challenges as you progress.

All activities in simple gameplay are performed with a single finger; simply swipe the screen to move the object. The faster the ball rolls, the more you swipe. The ball slows down as you slide back. Swipe left or right to move the ball. This game, in my perspective, substantially relieves stress. When playing this game, you should disable your network and wifi because numerous advertisements will interfere with your gaming experience. Your mission is to get the ball to the finish line. Several difficulties must be overcome, such as balls on the road, flying in the air, passing between two iron bars, rotating hammers, and so on. Along the way to the finish line, you will obtain gold, and the key to open the chest can be either gold or the ball's attire.

After finishing the task, you will be rewarded and progress to the next level. The higher the level, the harder it will be. You can also spin the wheel of fate to take part in a variety of challenges, such as racing against other orbs. I wish you many enjoyable moments.

How To Play

  • Use to move - Swipe - WASD - Arrows.