Idioms Hunt

Idioms Hunt

Idioms Hunt

Idiom Hunt is a game that tests your proficiency with English idioms.

You must determine which phrases in the Idiom Hunt game correspond to the given definition. You must conquer the minor challenges presented to you and create a correct statement in order to identify and obtain the correct ones from the words with bubbles that emerge on the map. The game must be restarted if you insert a mistaken word. Your life bar is represented by the hearts in the top right corner of the map, and it becomes smaller by one with each false statement you type. The background picture and the challenges you encounter change each time you complete a level. There are hedgehogs on the ground, ready to destroy you with their sharp spines and spikes. The barriers you must overcome in order to access the words you are given will fly even higher at the same moment. This game is open to players of all ages and aims to teach English idioms as effectively as possible while being played.

It is essential to concentrate on the most accurate understanding of the language used to convey information. With Idiom Hunt, you can learn while having fun and get away from difficult obstacles.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and arrow keys.