Might And Magic Armies

Might And Magic Armies

Might And Magic Armies

Might And Magic Armies is a tactical battle game in which you must gather as many soldiers and mythical heroes as possible. Hide in the woods or charge forward to defeat the opposing armies. Explore the map with your main hero and collect helmets to strengthen your army. Small bronze helmets are worth 200 soldiers, larger silver helmets are worth 1.000 soldiers, and large golden helmets are worth 5.000 soldiers.

By defeating your opponents, you can also gain soldiers. When your soldiers collide with their circle, they will begin fighting. You will gain the soldiers your opponent had when your circles collided if you defeat them and reduce their number to zero. However, the battle will cost you soldiers as well, and if you allow your opponent's main hero to flee, you will not be able to recover any! Smaller armies can also hide in the woods. To hide your army behind the trees, make sure your army's circle is completely within the forest. While hidden, you can move around between the trees, but if your circle sticks out as much as the sides, you'll become visible again. The corners of your screen will go dark whenever your army is hidden.

But be cautious!  Other armies may not be able to see you, but if they accidentally collide with you, a fight will erupt!

How To Play

  • Desktop: Use arrow keys to move. Press space to activate the speed boost.
  • Mobile: Drag to move. Press the boost button to speed-up.