Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour

Only Up!: Parkour takes you on a dizzying voyage into the world of vertical mastery. This thrilling arcade game challenges you to conquer obstacles and reach new heights. It will expand your adventures into new vertical dimensions and takes inspiration from the video game "Only Up."

Your mission is to make your way through a vertical labyrinth filled with various obstacles. His agility while climbing, precision while jumping, and reaction time will determine your character's fate. Every action must be premeditated, and each jump must be precisely timed so that you can rise without error.

Go through a succession of levels, each representing a different assignment. The complexity of the stages rises as you continue, putting your strength to the test and driving you to push past your limitations. To overcome anything that comes your way, stay focused, anticipate problems, and show off your parkour talents. Try another same version, Only Up: Go! in this platformer.

How To Play

  • Press SPACE to start or jump.
  • Use the arrow keys to move.