Pac Xon

Pac Xon

Pac Xon

Pac Xon is a game that belongs to Pacman 30th Anniversary. Instead of navigating a maze while eating pellets, you construct a wall that fills the screen as you move. When you have filled 80% of the available area, the level is complete. But be wary of being captured by the ghosts.

The arrow keys are used to move Pac-Xon around the level. He will automatically build a wall as he travels. Keep an eye out for power-ups to get a head start! Pac-Xon's ambition is to build a wall that occupies 80% of the available space. You must complete this mission while avoiding ghost attacks. If they crash into an unfinished wall, you will lose a life.

As the stages progress, more ghosts of varying sizes are added to the task. Pac Xon contains 50 levels in all.

How To Play

  • For the desktop, move with the arrow keys.
  • For mobile, slide a finger across the screen to move.