Slice them all! 3D

Slice them all! 3D

Slice them all! 3D

Slice Them All! 3D – Using Clockwork's rail physics, this is one of the best first-person action shooting ranges.

In Slice Them All! 3D, you must protect the hostages from extraterrestrial robots. To collect as many coins as possible, slice all alien robots and money boxes with the gun.

The extraterrestrial robots attack the hostages after invading Earth. Your mission as a slashing hero is to use your gun to murder them. Take control of the rifle and slice any robots that approach you. Make an effort to kill them before they attack you. If all foes are defeated, you will win and receive a large number of coins. Money boxes, in addition to extraterrestrial robots, are your aim. To earn as many coins as possible, slice them. Spend your earned coins in the shop to buy stronger firearms.

Come on, people! The time has come to play this game and save the Earth from extraterrestrial robots. If you enjoy this game, you should also check out Lucky Fisherman our website.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.