Steve and Alex Vs FNAF

Steve and Alex Vs FNAF

Steve and Alex Vs FNAF

Steve and Alex Vs FNAF takes you to the Minecraft world. Here, you have the option to play by yourself and control both characters at once, or you can take a more intriguing path. Have an amazing adventure for two by inviting a friend over. Enemy combatants will be the well-known animatronic machines. Chica, Violet, Bonnie, and Freddy Fazbear will patrol every maze in the dungeon. It is your job to locate the key and gather every coin in the level. Navigate the maze and stay out of the animatronics' grasp to accomplish this. You can either destroy them or just leap over them. You only need to hop on the enemy's head to accomplish this, and he will vanish. Have fun and good luck in the game!

How to play

First player controls:

  • A/D - movement.
  • W - jump.
  • Double W- double jump.

The second player:

  • The left/right arrow - movement.
  • Up arrow - jump.
  • Double up arrow - double jump.

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