Street Food Inc

Street Food Inc

Street Food Inc

Street Food Inc is a humorous game in which you enter the world of Restaurant Simulator and plunge headfirst into the food sector. Your primary goal is to earn money, level up, and grow your small restaurant into the world's largest and most known restaurant chain. It's not only about creating wonderful dishes; it's about building a culinary empire that will leave a lasting impression on the world!

To realize your ambition of becoming a Restaurant Millionaire, you must meticulously plan and improve your restaurant operations. Expand your restaurants to new areas, attract new customers, and cater to their individual interests and preferences. Keep them happy, and they'll come back for more! To stay ahead of the competition, you must design innovative tactics to maximize your revenue, manage your resources properly, and make critical judgments.

However, keep in mind that being a restaurant tycoon involves hard work, perseverance, and the capacity to adapt to shifting market trends. Your desires and talents will be put to the test as you level up and conquer new culinary regions.

How To Play

Use the mouse.