Birth of Hip Hop

Birth of Hip Hop

Birth of Hip Hop

Birth of Hip Hop is a Google Doodle Game created in 2017 to commemorate the 44th anniversary of hip-hop's inception. You may learn about the history of hip-hop and DJ Kool Herc's talent in just 5 minutes of playing this exciting game. DJ Kool Herc will initially advise you on how to adjust the crossovers and beats per minute to run the turntable.

Then, from a virtual bucket of great hip-hop artists like Grandmaster Flash and Lafayette Afro Rock Band, choose one. To see which tracks other artists famously sampled in later songs, hover over the album information. Combine them into a mix using the crossover equalizer. When you're done, you can distribute your template.

It's time to become a DJ by creating graffiti art on the wall and breakdancing to get points and advance through the stages. Are you ready to play the part of hip-hop's birth? Let's see more of Blob Opera.

How To Play

Follow the instructions of the game.