Bunny Invasion 2

Bunny Invasion 2

Bunny Invasion 2

Bunny Invasion 2 is a shooting game set in a bar and subject to attack by zombie rabbits. Mr. Frost, a middle-aged guy, was pleasantly sitting in a pub and enjoying a drink when the TV flashed breaking news: the rabbits had gone insane again and escaped from the research facility. Now, an army of wicked hares is taking over the country, and the government is advising everyone to board up their windows and arm themselves with shotguns. But Mr. Frost cannot stay away. This time, he takes it upon himself to protect his comrade's tavern against the swarming hares. Play your role and aim accurately before the rabbits can destroy the shop and harm everyone around!

How To Play

  • Use the mouse - weapons control/shoot.
  • Q - prior art.
  • E - selection of the next weapon.
  • A - toss a Type 1 grenade.
  • Q - throw a type 2 grenade.

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