Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away

Keep Zombie Away is a humorous zombie survival adventure game in which you must hide in the school dorm. Hide in your bed and enhance your security system as the zombie roams the building.

Clown-like undead terrorize the campus in this defense game. Don't be fooled by his appearance; he's swift and lethal! As soon as the alarm goes off, a countdown begins. Enter the dorm and seek out an empty room to hide in. Attempt to find a dorm room before all of them are claimed by other players. You cannot enter a locked room. And if you're still trapped in the passageways when the zombie arrives, you're toast.

Hide in the bed to earn money by keeping your character safe while he or she sleeps. You can spend these coins to fortify the door, build gun turrets to protect your hero, generate extra energy, and increase your earnings. The zombie will randomly try to break through the doors, eliminating you or any other player if it succeeds. Strive to keep the zombie out and build defenses powerful enough to kill it. If you kill the zombie, you win the round.

How To Play

  • Use the MOUSE to play.
  • Tap the buttons to select upgrades and view the upgrade menu.
  • Tap the floor of your room to bring up the upgrade menu.
  • Tap the walls to make the upgrade menu vanish.