C: Contra Adventure

C: Contra Adventure

C: Contra Adventure

C: Contra Adventure is a legendary game that will present the fresh account of a war soldier. This man has completed numerous successful missions. As a result, you should have complete control over today's assignment. It is your responsibility to destroy every foreign invader! Ten thrilling levels are up ahead. Most of the time, you'll be moving from one place to another while running, firing, and avoiding enemy bullets. You can gather different items to restock on health, ammunition, or energy. The cutting-edge blaster in the armory of weapons has the power to annihilate any foe. When you face the last boss, the outcome of your struggle will determine whether or not humanity survives. Try to win, and good luck!

How to play

  • X/Enter - next / START THE GAME.
  • Arrow keys - control.
  • X - leap.
  • A - change the icon.
  • Z - use an explosion.
  • S - shot.

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