Evil Mansion

Evil Mansion

Evil Mansion

Evil Mansion is a moody horror game featuring amazing graphics and an intriguing story. Officer Thompson will be the focal point of the game's events. In his district, a large number of homeless people and immigrant children have vanished in recent years. They appeared to vanish into thin air, leaving no trace behind. There was one hint, but no inquiry has been able to solve these peculiar cases. It involved an aging home owned by the owner of a powerful medical firm. It was from that same mansion that Thompson got a rather peculiar call one tranquil evening. Right then and there, the man makes the decision to defy authority and head toward a dangerous location. There, the lost people will be freed, and the officer will battle a terrifying biomutant. What will await the police officer in that villa?

How to play

  • WASD/Arrow keys - movement.
  • Left mouse - fire.
  • Right mouse - sight.
  • F - take a weapon.
  • Shift - running.
  • R - recharge.
  • 2/3/4 or slide mouse - change weapons.
  • V - hit with the butt.

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