Chloe's Merge: House Design

Chloe's Merge: House Design

Chloe's Merge: House Design

Chloe's Merge: House Design takes you to the enigmatic Spelton family estate, where you must unravel the mystery of the witch's disappearance in order to prevent the family home from falling into total ruin! The main character of this tale, Chloe, will be introduced to you as she cleans her flat.

Dealing with the overgrown bushes should be your first priority. To obtain one or more tools, combine two objects that are identical. Make a few magic potions to bring the estate back to its former splendor and order. You will receive the experience points required to raise your level and successfully finish jobs. Locate the family book to shed some light on the mystery and provide some answers. Unlock treasure troves, turn the lucky charm, and gather an assortment of ethereal relics!

How to play

Mouse controls 

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