Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha

Agent Alpha is a fun shooting game in which our tiny agent joins the squad to kill all the adversaries. You are one of the best agents in the force, and everyone trusts you enough to send you on a mission by yourself. So, prepare to live up to your faith in this exciting adventure!

This is an action game with numerous possibilities. Fundamentally, your goal may be to overcome some conventional challenges and defeat your opponents. But, this game does present you with tens of different weapons to acquire, as well as several intricacies to explore. When you start the game on the first floor of a building, you'll notice that you can move quickly around and shoot your adversaries one by one. As you progress up the apartment complex, you will encounter more opponents to defeat. You will also be able to fight in a variety of locations as you go through the game. You will need to be more cautious and strategic at this point. As you move through the game, remember to use the weapons in your inventory to become a better player!

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How To Play

  • Slide to play.