Advertisement is a cruel indie game that takes place in the ocean, where players take on the role of a marine organism attempting to survive. You'll find yourself in the wide ocean, where a variety of marine life will be fighting for your survival. When you first start off as a little fish, your main objective is to locate food, which you may then use to acquire experience. Your transformation into a new creature happens more quickly the more experience you accrue. Every player wants to outshine the others, grow bigger and stronger, and obtain the best creature.

Collect nourishment and grow larger so that you can devour the smaller ones. Gaining a lot of experience also comes from eating other players. Seagulls, for example, are among the organisms seen on that are able to fly rather than submerge for extended periods of time. Play to dominate the leaderboards by consuming as many other players as you can. Good luck!

How to play

  • Move your mouse - move.
  • Click the left mouse to jump.

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