Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero is a variation on the typical roguelike deck-building game. It matters not just what you carry but also how you arrange the things in your backpack. Their placement has a big impact on how well they perform. To boost their power, locate them in the proper location inside your backpack. In an overworld village, you can use the resources you find in dungeons to renovate buildings and unlock new characters. Discover diverse areas such as historic prisons, caverns, and marshes; come across intriguing personalities; and engage in combat with formidable adversaries.

Backpack Hero includes an exciting story mode in addition to the action-packed dungeon exploration. You can restore Haversack Hill, your hometown, using the materials you've gathered during your pauses from dangerous expeditions. Make it a quaint and productive village that draws in new citizens. Purchase and sell goods, carry out research, and complete missions, challenges, and hero unlocks. You can save the animals living in Orderia and restore it by setting up the ideal village!

How to play

  • Use your mouse to navigate.
  • Right-click or use the arrow keys to rotate items while holding them.

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