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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an adventure in which you jump from one platform to the next. Avoid obstacles by shooting or dodging them, and pick up many awesome power-up items. Doodle Jump's objective is to control and guide a four-legged creature that looks like a doodle, whose name is Doodler. You will guide Doodler to move up in a jumping motion to a never-ending series of platforms without falling down. It would be boring if that was all there was to the game, so players have to avoid obstacles like monsters and UFOs. There are numerous ways to avoid these obstacles, such as by shooting them or jumping in a different direction. Keep in mind that there is no definitive end to the game. You'll notice the end of each gameplay session when the Doodler falls to the bottom of the screen and then jumps into a random monster that appears at that time. Other ways include being sucked into a black hole or being abducted by a UFO. How exciting is that, right?

Doodle Jump is a well-liked and highly rated game. This game has received many positive reviews from critics. TouchGen has said that Doodle Jump is "fun as heck" and that the cartoon graphics and sound effects are great. They believe that these items provide them with a sense of game charm. Also, Pocket Gamer's Tom Love stated that the game is "unbelievably addictive, immediately accessible, and enjoyable every time you pick it up." At the moment, Doodle Jump holds a rating of 85.00% based on 6 reviews on GameRankings.


  • Doodle Jump creates several fantastic worlds with high creative context for players to experience, such as underwater, in the jungle, ninja background, out of space, snowing weather, frozen ice, soccer, Hallowen, Easter and Pirates, etc.
  • There are 11 worlds to explore, each with three hidden Easter eggs.
  • Players have many outstanding power-ups to pick up like trampolines, jet packs, rockets, propeller hats, etc.
  • There are many fun and interesting things to avoid, like big monsters, UFOs, and black holes.
  • An exciting point for players is that there are more than 100 missions to complete in order to achieve the reward.
  • The jumping move to bring monsters down has a nostalgic effect, similar to Mario's style.
  • With the broken, disappearing, moving, and exploding effects, Platform can be very interesting and fun.
  • The good news for players who like to compete is that a global chart is already available to display your score. And of course, you can challenge other players to find out who is the champion.

Tips and Tricks

  • Depending on the game mode that you are playing, projectiles may shoot in a straight direction off the screen or be affected by gravity and fall downward.  
  • There are various themes that players can choose to play, including the original, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, the World Cup, the Rainforest, Out of Space, Ice Blizzard, Retro Arcade, Ninja or Pirate. When the theme changes, Doodler and his enemies change along with it.
  • In the Ninja, Pirate, Halloween, and Easter themes, players need to earn or purchase coins so that they are able to buy new skins and extra lives for Doodler.
  • If a player wants the Doodler to become a pygmy, all they need to do is enter the name of one of the Pocket God pygmies. So easy! Furthermore, players can give the name "Bunny" to Doodler, who is dressed in a bunny suit similar to the one seen on the Easter stage.
  • Two other apps for the iPhone OS are Doodle Jump Christmas Special (a new Christmas theme), Doodle Jump Hop, (a new Easter theme), which allows players to play as E.B. from the movie Hop, and Doodle Jump SpongeBob SquarePants.

How To Play

  • To move left or right, use the right and left arrows; to shoot, use the up arrow or click the mouse.

Fun fact 

  • If you are a fan of iPhone games, then you might find it interesting to know that Doodler has appeared as a cameo in several other iPhone games, such as Pocket God, Parachute Panic, The Creeps, and Finger Physics.
  • Sheldon Cooper has mentioned Doodle Jump on The Big Bang Theory, an American sitcom that is very popular. And right after that, Pocket Gamer has estimated that this game will reach 1 million downloads.
  • Doodle Jump has even been used in advertising. According to that, Sprint Company ran a commercial with Kevin Durant in 2012 that made it seem like a viewer missed their chance to win a sports game because they used up all of their data plan's quota downloading Doodle Jump.

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