Super Jim Adventure

Super Jim Adventure

Super Jim Adventure

Super Jim Adventure tells about Jimmy and his super adventures. You're going to travel on an exciting adventure into a land straight out of a fairy tale today, and in order to get there, you'll have to battle nasty monsters. Super Jim, the horde champion, has to rush to the castle immediately and gather gold cash. You will go with him. The primary objectives are to advance, steer clear of hazards, and gather coins. You have to run because the first level has already been loaded! In order to open all of the surprise-filled boxes without the monsters discovering him, Jim needs to be extremely carefully controlled. Should a monster unexpectedly appear in your path, attempt to avoid it by jumping over it or hurling a dagger at it. Remember to collect coins as well. Once you follow the trail without losing a life, you will reach the target castle and be rewarded with new adventures that will allow you to advance to the next level. Enjoy your gaming!

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How To Play

  • Mouse - action.
  • WASD - move around.
  • L - throw knives.