Kong's Banana Adventure

Kong's Banana Adventure

Kong's Banana Adventure

Kong's Banana Adventure is an entertaining game that centers around a banana adventure full of perilous encounters. All set to stroll around the bush and get the necessary quantity of bananas. There will be entertaining obstacles and monsters to defeat.

You play as Kong, who must navigate through a variety of hazardous areas in the game. It's your job to gather bananas and cash as you go. Make an effort to check every option; you might find some cool benefits that will come in handy later. In addition, a store will be available for you to purchase a new hero for yourself. Numerous creatures will obstruct your path and cause you problems in every manner imaginable. Good luck!

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How To Play

  • Use the mouse - action.
  • The arrow keys - management.
  • K - fire.
  • J - blow with a stick.