Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a difficult 3D board game in which you must match identical pairs of tiles to clear them away. In this occult-themed variation of Arkadium's Mahjong Dimensions, grab the cluster of blocks in the center of the screen and spin it around to hunt for tiles you can combine.

To remove two identical cube-shaped tiles from the board, combine them. You cannot, however, select any tiles that are boxed in on their right and left edges. You must first remove the other tiles that are blocking them. The goal is to remove all of the mahjong tiles before the timer runs out. The timer is visible in the upper left corner.

Although the basic rules of this mahjong game are the same as those of traditional 2D mahjong solitaire, the feel and experience are vastly different due to the 3D design. Unlike 2D mahjong boards, you may spin and examine the floating cluster of tiles from all angles by clicking and swiping. Spin it around to find icons that you can select and match. Earning multi-match bonus points and speed multipliers can help you improve your overall score. Score big points for making continuous sequences of tile combinations (called "melds" in mahjong) and keeping your speed up as you make one meld after the next.

How To Play

  • Press the left mouse button to choose a tile.
  • Press AD or left/right arrow or drag the left mouse button to rotate.