Skydome is a charming and enjoyable match-3 game. When compared to other match-3 games like Jewels Blitz and Match Arena, the game offers a more traditional map progression while still maintaining its own elements.

Skydome levels all have goals that you must achieve. Typically, to achieve this purpose, a specific quantity of a specific item or gem must be taken out. When you do, the level is over, and you receive the prize! Additionally, some stages pit you against Internet players. To remove them from the board and advance closer to the objective, match three pieces of the same color. More fine stones can be combined to make special creations with spectacular effects.

After earning 1,000 coins, explore the new areas along the Skydome path before unlocking the alchemist. When these elements are mastered, special bonuses are produced that, when accumulated, become full bonuses.

Along the way, Skydome will provide you with step-by-step guidance. Nevertheless, if you want to disable them to make the game harder, you can do so in the options. You can choose to make the game more difficult in the options. The language is one of the parameters that you can modify here. You may also view your friends' statistics. So let's play.

How To Play

  • Match 3 pieces of the same color by swapping adjacent ones!