Stretch Morty's Face

Stretch Morty's Face

Stretch Morty's Face

Stretch Morty's Face is a video game that drew inspiration from the character of the popular cartoon sitcom "Rick and Morty," which captivated millions of viewers during its debut season.

Let's get to know this hero first. Rick Rodriguez, a gifted scientist and heavy drinker, has a 14-year-old grandson named Morty Rodriguez. The man became his brilliant grandfather's constant companion across the strangest and most fantastical planes of the cosmos. You'll see Morty's incredibly stretchy face in the game. You can whip the cheeks, stretch them, rapidly release them, and make various jesting gestures at the gutta-percha Morty. Enjoy a good laugh while observing the boy's stretchy face. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

How to play

Mouse controls 

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