Five Nights at Winston's

Five Nights at Winston's

Five Nights at Winston's

Five Nights at Winston's is a gripping horror video game in which the goal is to make it through seven nights at Winston High School while avoiding the grotesque and lethal horror characters that dwell there.

As a janitor at the creator's former middle school, you must battle the grotesque and hazardous horror characters in Five Nights at Winston's in order to survive for seven nights.

Five characters can be found in Five Nights at Winston's. The actions of every character are reminiscent of Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and a cross between Golden Freddy and Freddy from previous games. Paperclips are used for the characters' arms, and erasers are used for their faces. The creator's middle school practical jokes served as the inspiration for this concept. If you enjoy scary movies and are up for a challenge, please help us keep this school safe.

How to play

Mouse controls or the arrow keys.

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