NIMRODS: Surviving Gunsmith

NIMRODS: Surviving Gunsmith

NIMRODS: Surviving Gunsmith

NIMRODS: Surviving Gunsmith is a frantic, pixelated, roguelike shooter that challenges you to design the most lethal weapons in the galaxy. You will be thrust onto a harsh and unfriendly planet teeming with hordes of deadly monsters who regard you as nothing more than food. To avoid injury, travel across the map often and keep a safe distance from your opponents. If necessary, utilize a first-aid kit to slightly restore your health. If you are about to be encircled or pushed into a dead end, activate acceleration to escape the thick ring of opponents. Destroy magic towers and complete side missions for additional rewards. Best wishes!

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How To Play

  • Arrow keys/WASD - movement.
  • Use the mouse - aiming.
  • Left mouse - fire.
  • Right mouse - additional attack.
  • E - to interact.
  • Shift - show more information.