Advertisement is an action-packed superhero game. Participate in fast-paced multiplayer combat against other players while gathering orbs to grow your hero. Check your heroes manual to discover how far you've come! is a game; therefore, you must grow swiftly to avoid being killed early on. Gather as many orbs as you can to evolve your superhero until you feel secure in your ability to combat. As you progress through the levels, you will expand in size and become one of 30 different superheroes or infamous villains. The game includes numerous upgrades and perks to help you increase your character's attributes and chances of survival. Each kill grants you life tokens, which you can spend to increase your attack speed, attack range, and movement speed.

Don't rush into an attack. Instead, develop your hero until you're ready for combat. If you want to survive, you still need to play cautiously and avoid huge groupings of adversaries.

How To Play

  • PC: Move mouse to move, click left to attack, click right to speed up.
  • Mobile: Touch the Virtual Keys.