Balance It

Balance It

Balance It

Balance It will be one of the best new skill games. The game features riddles for you to complete and can also be played on mobile devices, so if any of these sound fascinating to you, you should check it out right away!

Use the mouse to pick up the spinning wheels with ropes on them, or even the weights, so that packages and people can fly towards the finish line, and if they pass through it, you complete that level. Make sure you hang the items, whatever they are, in such a way that your object for that level is balanced, since if it is off-balance, it will either fall to its death or fail to reach the goal, and you will lose in both situations.

Each new level introduces a challenge that is more difficult than the one before it but also more enjoyable, so we welcome you to begin right now, only here, and after that, we promise you even more excellent games. You can trust us!

How To Play

Use the mouse.