Baby Bird Flies In The Sky

Baby Bird Flies In The Sky

Baby Bird Flies In The Sky

Baby Bird Flies In The Sky is a fresh adventure game that resembles the really well-liked Flappy Bird. A really cute bird that wants to learn how to fly high in the air will greet you here. The bird is too small to perform it on her own because of her size. Do you wish to assist this lovely bird? She would be overjoyed to get your invaluable help.

In this no-cost online platform game, your objective is to timely tap the screen while avoiding obstacles like pipes and collecting bonuses. You will want to keep playing the game in your browser because it is so immensely addictive. You can stay interested for hours thanks to the adaptable CAPX and personalized gameplay. Numerous customizations are possible on your own, including altering the typeface, altering the distance between pipes, adjusting gravity, and modifying the bird's speed.

As you fly your bird and have fun in this adorable online flight game, keep clicking!

How To Play

Use the mouse.