Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt

Idiom Hunt is a game that puts your knowledge of English idioms to the test.

Do you want idioms to assist you in a difficult adventure? It is entirely up to you in the Idiom Hunt game to identify sentences that meet the definition provided. To find and obtain the correct ones from the words with bubbles that appear on the map, you must overcome the tiny difficulties offered to you and construct a correct statement. If you add a wrong word to the sentence, you must restart the game. The hearts in the upper right of the map represent your life bar, and they decrease one by one with each erroneous statement you enter. Every time you complete a level, the image behind you and the difficulties you face change. There are hedgehogs with harsh spines and thorns on the ground, eager to kill you. At the same time, the heights required to access the words presented to you will soar even higher. People of all ages can participate in this game, which seeks to teach English idioms as well as possible while playing.

It is critical to focus on the best interpretation of the language supplied as information. With Idiom Hunt, you will study while having fun, and you will escape from severe barriers while learning.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and arrow keys.