Feed the Panda

Feed the Panda

Feed the Panda

Feed The Panda is a delightful animal game based on the Cut the Rope premise, in which you can feed candy to a panda family.

Off to China, the land of the famous black and white panda bears! The adorable pandas are hungry and unable to obtain food on their own. They prefer bamboo, but you may also delight them with the delectable candy. Cut the ropes that hold the candies in the proper order so that the sweets fall in the direction of the bears. If the meal misses its target, use gravity to your advantage and repeat your maneuver.

Feeding the little baby panda will earn you extra points, but you can also finish a level by only feeding Papa Panda. However, you will receive fewer stars as a result. Collect as many replicas of the black and white yin-yang symbol, known as "Taijitu" in Chinese.

In higher stages, you will face new problems. Now the candies float upward in soap bubbles, which you must explode at the appropriate time. The sooner you finish your duties, the more points you will receive.

How To Play

Use the mouse.