Superfighters is a cool fighting game with retro graphics, awesome music, and intense shooting gameplay. Superfighters is a very good and attractive role-playing action adventure game. Superfighters Deluxe is a fighting game with many different character classes. You can play as a policeman, mafia member, or even a bank robber. The character system is extremely diverse, so players can freely choose according to their preferences. The game is built according to classic gameplay, as players will have to overcome obstacles to collect weapons to destroy opponents.

You can optionally choose the game mode according to your preferences. For example, playing online, you will be pitted against online players and your score will be ranked on the scoreboard. And if you just want to take advantage of entertainment during your lunch break when you go to work, the offline mode is the best choice, with quick and convenient gameplay that does not require an account login suitable for civilized people. room to take the time to relax.

The character system here includes Boss (boss), Gangster (devil), infantry (color and white), assassins, players... Depending on your preferences, choose the right character. okay. In addition to guns, in the game there are other weapons such as knives and katanas.

If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

How To Play

  • Use the mouse or touchscreen.