Mario Maker

Mario Maker

Mario Maker

Mario Maker is a popular Mario game. Your character will be Super Mario, our old friend. This guy never gets tired of going on adventures and having fun in the mushroom kingdom! But our normal path is already boring, and you want something different. That is what we are here for! You'll have everything you need, including a few different types of platform blocks, question mark boxes, gold blocks, green pipe parts, flagpole parts, and the game's main opponents, the amusing Gumba mushrooms. You will be able to modify the level size. Depending on your preferences, it might be tiny, medium, or enormous. This creator will appeal to all Super Mario fans and keep you coming back! Good luck with the game!

How to play

  • Arrow keys - walk.
  • Space - jump.
  • Shift - run.
  • Ctrl - shoot.

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