Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball

Backyard Baseball is a popular sports game that adds a special twist to the thrill of baseball. Backyard Baseball is a fun and approachable version of the traditional baseball game that belongs to the sports simulation game genre.

Backyard Baseball's objective is straightforward: to assemble a group of gifted young players and lead them to success in a sequence of difficult baseball competitions. Take off your batting helmet, grab your glove, and head outside for a backyard baseball game that will never be forgotten. Create the team of your dreams, aim high, and enjoy the happiness and companionship that come with playing this cherished sport.

With Backyard Baseball, you can enjoy the excitement of the nation's favorite sport in the comfort of your own backyard. Get your buddies together, put on your cleats, and get ready for an exciting and memorable journey!

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How To Play

Use the mouse and follow the instructions on the game screen.