Over Rooftops

Over Rooftops

Over Rooftops

Over Rooftops is a sport that involves rolling, sprinting, jumping, and sliding from one location to another in order to overcome obstacles.

Prepare to run, jump, roll, and slide over buildings to quickly and excitingly traverse from one rooftop to another in a metropolitan atmosphere. To get over obstacles, the ninja cat game requires rolling, sprinting, leaping, and sliding.

Complete hundreds of cat game levels while performing great freestyle running and movement feats. The game's many qualities include extraordinary 3D Proof of Defeat, simple yet efficient controls, and well-constructed levels. It's simple to choose an alley-cat game, but it's difficult to master. It's time to be ready to sprint, leap, roll, and slide over rooftops to make quick, thrilling rooftop transitions in a city.

How To Play

  • Right arrow: Increase running speed.
  • Left arrow: Decrease running speed.
  • Up arrow: Jump up.
  • X button: Attack.