Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster

Bubble Monster

Bubble Monsters is an exciting game that gamers can play for hours on end. The game challenges players to rescue the baby monsters by popping bubbles. It's a fun and mind-opening event that helps youngsters, adults, and elders improve their creative thinking. The ambition to go on to the next stage will have the players captivated in order to achieve the desired success of rescuing newborn monsters and collecting enough cash to move on.

Because of the game's simplicity, Bubble Monsters is appropriate for all age groups. After a brief introduction, the game's elements are simple to grasp. Players must match three bubbles of the same color to pop them and remove them, allowing the baby monsters to fall to safety. They will clear the three matched bubbles by firing a colored bubble at them. To reach the specified bubbles, you must fire at an angle or bounce the monster off a wall. After clearing the bubbles, the player will receive their prize in coins and will be able to purchase new pets to continue playing and level up to different types of power balls.

How To Play

  • Mouse: Aim by moving your cursor and shoot with a mouse click. Click the power-up you want to use.
  • Mobile: Tap and release to shoot the bubble.