Body Race

Body Race

Body Race

Body Race is a 3D skill game in which you must assist the girl in navigating an obstacle course filled with food and workout equipment. Attempt to get as close to her target weight as possible to unlock the costume at the conclusion of the track. With each level, her target weight will be different.

The girl's target weight in this eating game will change with each run. Sometimes she needs to gain weight to get into the clothes she wants, while other times she prefers to slim down. Gather the appropriate items along the obstacle course to make them heavy or trim, based on the target displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The girl will lose weight by eating cucumbers, tomatoes, and broccoli. If she becomes too thin and needs to gain a few pounds, she should instead turn to the wonderful ice cream sundaes, hamburgers, and full-fat milk.

With each outfit you win, you will be taken to your outfit gallery. Slide around the room to see all of the interesting, strange, and humorous clothing you can unlock, as well as the ones you already own. Because beauty is subjective, you can adjust your model's weight and attractiveness to model all of the clothes.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse and arrow keys.