Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is an engaging and addictive idle restaurant game where you are running a restaurant and serving food and drinks to customers.

Customers will arrive in front of the restaurant. Click on them, then click an empty table to place them in their seats. The kitchen will start preparing their food and when it's ready, the dish will appear on the counter! Click on the dish and bring it to the customer. Don't take too long, or the customer will lose patience and leave.

When a customer has finished eating, they will leave their table. Click on their table to clean it and get your tip! Your shift ends at 9pm, so keep an eye on the clock and serve your customers as fast as you can! The yellow number on the cash register is the amount you have to earn at the end of your shift.

At the end of the day, you can use your remaining tips to buy restaurant upgrades! These upgrades can help you move faster, help customers be patient, and increase the amount you get from tips. Have fun with Penguin Diner, a classic flash game, or try its sequel!

How To Play

  • Left mouse button.