Raccoon Retail

Raccoon Retail

Raccoon Retail

Raccoon Retail is a humorous simulation game in which you play a raccoon that cleans up after shoppers in a crowded supermarket.

Whether you simply appreciate tidy surroundings or consider yourself a true neat freak is irrelevant. Drive around the aisles, tidy up after the patrons, and make more mess for yourself to clean! With your income, improve your store and vehicle to become the top market employee in the raccoon universe!

This business will make you reconsider your preconceived notions about how thrashy and filthy a raccoon-run grocery store would be. What are you waiting for when you have access to your car and the entire store? Start the cleanup now! Driving at will is permitted, but exercise caution to avoid colliding with people or shelves. Keep an eye on the bar in the upper left corner, which shows how full your storage is. In order to empty your automobile and continue gathering trash, stop at the trash can. By clicking the upgrades tab up top, you can upgrade the items in your shop. Watch brief advertisements to receive bonuses and buy upgrades more quickly. Become a household name in your business, be the first to learn about the newest products, and enhance customer service.

How To Play

  • WASD/Arrows=Drive.