Pompom & Loh

Pompom & Loh

Pompom & Loh

Pompom & Loh is an interesting journey through the game! A child named Lo loses her grandmother, who disappeared after going to town for groceries and failing to return for supper, which is unusual for her. Lo decides not to let her disappear and embarks on a thrilling journey to find her, accompanied by her devoted companion, Pompom the rabbit. You will help both characters face a variety of challenges and mysteries in order to find Lo's grandmother. Amazing destinations, intriguing people, and fascinating riddles await you as you work to solve the mystery and return home with Grandma. Join Pompom and Loh in the exciting race now!

How to play

  • Arrow keys or WASD - movements.
  • 1 - run Lo.
  • 2 - operate Pompom.
  • 3 - run both.

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