Need For Race

Need For Race

Need For Race

Need For Race is a game that shows your professionalism on the journey to conquer the magical racetrack. You'll have to compete against other seasoned drivers for the title of best racer! You have five difficult stages to go through, where you must use your driving prowess to pass every opponent and cross the finish line first. Cut off, ram, and do everything you can to keep your rivals from passing you by obstructing their path or flipping their vehicles around. To shorten the distance and go forward more swiftly, never forget to apply acceleration. But keep in mind that the nitro stock cannot be replenished, so use it carefully. You can upgrade your car's features with the money you earn from winning races. Discover three distinct maps where you will have total control over your actions!

How to play

  • WASD - drive.
  • T - checkpoint respawn.
  • C - change camera view.
  • Shift - nitro.

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