Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball

Rolling Ball is a game that was inspired by Slope. It is a compulsive game of endless running. Push a ball down a sequence of sloping and sloped platforms while in control of it. Roll as far as you can while avoiding all obstacles and gathering diamonds!

As you roll over boosters and ramps, the ball initially rolls slowly before accelerating swiftly. Avoid impediments as you move the ball, and keep a watch out for new problems as they arise! Despite the game's indefinite length, the difficulty levels rise as you progress. In these higher stages, the obstacles are trickier and more mobile. The 2x diamond power-up, magnets, and shields are dispersed around the map. Some of them are positioned deliberately. Maybe you could use your shield to grab one if you're quick enough? Use power-ups sparingly because they all have a cooldown period. For instance, you could wish to reserve your shield for a level with greater difficulty.

Spend as many diamonds as you can in the Rolling Ball store by gathering as many as you can. Power-ups and new balls of various sizes and speeds are available for purchase.

How To Play

  • Mobile: Swipe to roll the ball. 
  • Desktop: Use arrow keys or AWSD keys to roll the ball.