Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan

Spider Swing Manhattan, where you'll test your limits by hanging over all of New York City's buildings, blends runner games with the powers of Spiderman, the most well-known comic book superhero in the world, who is actually swinging with spider webs instead of running!

There are no limits to the course. You can go as far as you can without falling, which is when you lose. "The City That Never Sleeps" is known for its incredibly tall skyscrapers, giving Spider-Man plenty of room to shoot his webs and use them to swing from one building to the next, as you do here.

Stay at it for as long as you can because if you mess up your shot and release, you fall and have to start over. Hold the mouse button to fire the webs, collect the markings on the buildings, release the button to get rid of them, and then leap across to a new location. If this occurs, make a bigger effort the next time. You'll play better and have more fun.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse.