Squidly Game 123 Stop

Squidly Game 123 Stop

Squidly Game 123 Stop

Squidly Game 123 Stopis a dramatic race to preserve life simulation game based on the popular "Squid Game" film of today. Do you dare to participate in this mortal race?

A player will be stationed behind the finish line, with his back to a wall or tree, for the length of the game. This player will exclaim, "The Mugung flower has blossomed!" each round, as the rest of the players sprint in the opposite direction to the finish line. When the verse is completed, the person waiting behind the finish line turns around and discovers who is moving, and he or she is kicked out of the game.

The goal of the game is to reach the front guard, which is comprised of dolls and an army of pink-clad shooters. If the guards discover your movement, they will shoot and kill you. Sprint forward when the guards turn their backs on you and the light turns green. The troops turn to confront you when the light turns red. You must remain motionless, or you will be shot. You must, however, be quick because the game time is limited. To cross the finish line in time, you must carefully observe and move rapidly. Later, progress to more challenging races with more participants.

How To Play

  • Hold to move, release to stop.