Save The Fish 3D

Save The Fish 3D

Save The Fish 3D

Save The Fish 3D is a difficult riddle that not everyone is given the opportunity to solve. The tiny fish that are in grave danger need your help. 

The fish is in danger, and it is your job to save it. You can find the fish in the cave directly ahead of you. To keep the fish from drowning, you need to make a way for the water to get to it. To redirect the water flow in the proper direction and save the poor creature, move the pins in different orientations. For every puzzle answer that is accurate, you will receive points. There are more difficult stages ahead of you, each with its own special set of challenges. Purchase fresh fish and shield them from various hazards to their lives. Are you prepared to take on the task of saving every fish? Then, we hope you succeed and enjoy yourself!

How to play

Use the mouse.

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