Helicopter Simulator 3D

Helicopter Simulator 3D

Helicopter Simulator 3D

Helicopter Simulator 3D is a thrilling game featuring superb free flight and realistic handling. This game will give you the feeling of piloting a helicopter, making you a true pilot. Take caution when flying so as not to collide with city skyscrapers and other structures. You have to land the helicopter at the designated spot on the map in order to finish the game assignment. Take a flight, discover the entire open universe, and experience a plethora of emotions from the breathtaking aerial views of the metropolis. By landing at the designated spot on the map and receiving payment, you can finish the job. The game features a ton of thrilling levels, stunning scenery, enormous skyscrapers, and architectural elements. This game is perfect for you if you want to enjoy yourself while piloting a helicopter!

How to play

  • WASD - control.
  • The arrow keys - height control.
  • Q - left turn.
  • E - right turn.

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